What does Juridica do?

A: Juridica invests directly and indirectly in a diversified portfolio of corporate claims in litigation and arbitration. Through this mechanism, Juridica is a strategic partner to business claimants and law firms, limiting or eliminating the claimant business or law firm’s financial exposure to the litigation.

What is the minimum investment amount Juridica will consider?

A: $2mm.

What is the average investment size in Juridica's investing fund?

A: $5mm.

What is the largest single investment Juridica has made?

A: $25mm.

What can the capital be used for?

A: Generally, capital is used for legal services including attorney fees, expert testimony and other litigation costs. On occassion we will finance business activities during the prosecution of the claim.

What interest will Juridica seek in my claim?

A: It depends upon the size of the claim, the probabilities associated with the claim’s success, and the anticipated time to recovery.

What criteria will Juridica look for when evaluating my claim?

A: Juridica will consider both claim specific and contextual variables when considering an investment opportunity. These considerations include: (a) strong merits; (b) solid, direct, and causally related damages; (c) claimant’s experience and commitment; (d) the trier of fact; (e) the experience and skill of counsel; (f) timing; (g) disparity, if any, in the relative risk tolerance of the parties; (h) probability of settlement; and (i) external headline and political risks.