Why Juridica


As a pioneer of the Litigation Funding space, Juridica successfully closed in 2007 the first listed fund chartered for investment in complex commercial litigations and arbitrations. Since its inception, Juridica has consistently outperformed relevant benchmarks and has done so on an attractive risk adjusted basis using a priority payment structure similar to that of a senior secured creditor.

Juridica offers tried and proven risk management processes forged and refined over six years of successful portfolio management. Our commitment to capital preservation is paramount and informs our approach to both individual investment decisions and portfolio construction.

Juridica is committed to neutralizing case specific risks through thoughtful diversification across claim types. Additionally, Juridica is committed to avoiding headline risks. Juridica invests only in meritorious non-speculative commercial claims. We avoid class action, personal injury, product liability, mass torts, and all claims with unique public relations considerations.

Juridica’s team is comprised of seasoned lawyers, risk management professionals, and financial analysts. We are capable of structuring customized portfolios for investors that conform to specific objectives such as claim type, lock-up period, and risk tolerance.